macOS 10.8 - 10.12
bis 5.000,- Umsatz kostenlos
danach ab 79,-


Buchhaltung für Selbständige in einfach



Umsatz is a powerful - yet easy to use and to understand - application for freelancers, small companies, and agencies that are tired of having to use cluttered, cumbersome, and ugly apps that are usually crappy ports of even crappier Windows software programs


Umsatz is currently for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland only!

As you probably already knew,
the legendary German red tape is actually even worse in reality.

That's why Umsatz is especially tailored for the German (speaking) market.

But there is an international version available:


macOS 10.8 - 10.12
from 19,-

ookkeeapp allows everyone to localize (translate)

all for the print-out and all for the export needed words and phrases
into their own languages.

Since it is already very flexible
it will work for any currency and any tax rates/system,
especially within the EU, in the US, in Canada (except Quebec), Australia etc.

Later this year,
ookkeeapp will also receive a major overhaul
that will make it dead simple for everyone
to localize (translate) it into any language possible.